promotional power banks

The best way to connect with your employees and clientele is through the gadgets they use daily. A power bank is a portable charger designed to recharge electronic gadgets when you’re on the move. Ranging in size – they can be used to charge cell phones, tablets, GoPros, portable speakers, and cameras. You can stay in charge of your branding by adding a custom power bank to your trade show giveaway line-up or employee thank you gift.

Custom power bank chargers are becoming more and more popular, with 87% of consumers using them almost daily.  Here are the most recent statist regarding custom promotional power banks.

  • 87% customers state they would keep a promotional power bank because it’s useful
  • 33% of US consumers own promotional mobile power banks
  • 41% percent of consumers use a promo power bank once a week or more often
  • 40% keep a power bank for 12 months of longer
  • 60% of consumers state they would be more likely to do business with advertiser who gave them the power banks
  • Most people give their power banks to someone else after they are done using them

Remember consumers want products that are, first and foremost, useful to them. Promotional power banks are great as custom gifts for employees and volunteers as well, these useful and impressive gadgets will help you earn the impressions your brand deserves!